Today many students wish to do their master degree from abroad. To make this dream true the most common exam given by the students is GRE exam. This test basically involves 2 tests that is one is general test and another one is the specific one. For the specific one the syllabus may vary with subjects but on the other hand the general test focusses on verbal ability, analytical abilities and quantitative ability. There are various topics in this part of exam and the exam is mainly focused on GRE quant questions which are important and difficult at the same time.

Following topics are of general test that are listed below:

  • Analytical skills: this helps in measuring the reading and writing skills of the candidate. It mainly focuses on the abilities to gather new ideas and construct various arguments.
  •  Quantitative aptitude: this is basically based on ability to understand the mathematics in a better manner. This focuses on understanding the mathematical problems and providing the best solutions to them in mathematical form only. Various topics like speed and distance and ratios and proportions, profit and loss are covered under this part.
  • Verbal reasoning: this measures the abilities of candidates to analyze the written information and draw results out of them. One has to also analyze the relationships between various sentences and words. Topics included in this are basic sentence constructions, nouns and pronouns are covered under this section.

GREspecific subject syllabus: this is for the specific papers. These can be undertaken in subjects like biology, chemistry, English, mathematics and physics and psychology.

  • Biology: there are 190 questions and topics like cellular molecular, ecologyets are there under this paper.
  • Chemistry: there are 130 questions and contents covered are inorganic and organic, analytical and physical chemistry.
  • English: there are 230 questions on poetry, drama, essay and short novels. There are also few questions from major works like the bible. They may be classified into factual and analytical.
  • Mathematics: there are 66 questions from courses at undergraduate level. Concepts like calculus and algebra are covered in this subject as well.
  • Physics:  there are 100 questions and can be answered on basis of knowledge gained in first 3 years of undergraduate courses.
  • Psychology: there are 205 questions and the candidate has to select from 5 given options. The questions are based on core knowledge at undergraduate level.

There are basically 6 sections of the exam and break of 10 minutes is provided after the third section. The total duration of exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes. The research section does not count towards any score. This exam is valid for 5 years from the date of the examination in which the candidate has appeared. In abroad the admission is done on the basis of these GRE scores and these scores can give a true image about which kind of course the candidate can opt there and in which university he has the chances to get admission. Good scores in the exam will help them in choosing their favorite course in the university they always wanted to study in. only the candidates have to pay little more attention towards GRE quant questions.

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